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Wow Probe.

is unfinished business- Two things I like about it; probably obviouse that the two things are the Probe (Alien thing), and the part where the boot falls out from behind the mirror.


I don’t like the fact that I used the sound of a stills camera as a sound effect for the Probe’s lens thing. It is so obviously a picture being taken as everyone knows it to sound like that. The rain is ok at the end but it needs a bit of attention.


The whole thing needs more atmosphere, a lot more movement, from the actors, the rat needs some sound etc.


But I am pleased with sound effect for the probe, and the consistency of its quality as it moves around. I used two sounds mixed together on Sound track pro for this; One is a sound effect library laundry machine or an air conditioner I cant quite remember at the time, but I wanted the feel of its blowing air out, some unreal technology as it is, and secondly, I taught myself this in Sony Sound Forge- it is a tone generated by tone generator which is definitely in Sound Forge and STP, where it is a one tone- the type of thing that you can turn up and it will damage your ears.. what I did with it is add effects, like modulars for the electrical feel and phasers to make it siren like. But a lot quicker.


Everything else in it is pretty awful.


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