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Welcome to my currently under privileged Sound Design Portfolio.

I am soon scheduled to graduate May/June 2011, and so coming to the end of my course.

I would prefer this site to be rammed full of sound design examples showing all my skills and techniques that I have learnt over the last three years, though a degree has had the requirements of written work more so than the production/creative media practice from me/us. So This site is under development.

My Plans.

I want to work a general job (looking in to teaching assistance), so that I can fund this Sound Design hobby in my spare time. I plan to develop my skills and this site no doubt, (but I will want to make a fresh one in the future) and my overall portfolio, and work Freelance as a sound Engineer prior to my Job- what ever it turns out to be.

When I get enough time I will start making more and more sound tracks.

At the moment I have been working bit by bit on our Final Major Project; a Documentary bout Sleep Deprivation, and minutes ago I was on Ableton Music software trying to make a score for it.

I am a musician as well, and hope to develop this just as much, So in the future I can be versatile in Sound Design.


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