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Freegan Documentary.

Here is a Documentary from our early Third yr. I recorded and edited the sound track. I used the rifle mic, wind sock, a boom pole, and a mixer out on location. I think these were quite successful.

The Music inserted after the introduction, is a little strange, and doesn’t make much sense. The music track was good and it was handed over by a friend, and it who made it on his software. (I didn’t have enough time at the time, usually I would like to make/compose my own music tracks) It sounded a bit like a steam train in the distance at one point, and I haven’t a clue what I must have been thinking at the time.

Otherwise I am generally pleased with it, since the time of this project I have learnt that rifle mics are not best used for indoor interviews, and since I have been using an audio tecnica stereo mic, and a mixer for indoor/on location interviews.

Also I wouldn’t yet know how to help it, but Sam’s mouth was covered by his clothes at one point, something for me to watch out for in the future.

What stopped me using rifle mic in small rooms like the room Sam was interviewed in this documentary was Ric vier’s videos from Rode university website, where he says that using the ‘shotgun’ mic indoors or in small rooms can echoe sounds that bounce behind the mic and come bnack around and this is ‘not good’.

i have also used Rode’s stereo mic recently on our FMP-Final majr prjct and it was a nice looking mic, plus fragile and mean, so i kept it hidden inits case.


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